Vendor Application

Vendor Application

To apply to become an approved vendor of CTE, please confirm your acknowledgement of our terms and conditions and additional requirements below then complete the online application.

Additional Requirements

Purchase Orders

A Vendor must acquire a valid purchase order number from a buyer at the time of the transaction. Invoices received without a valid purchase order cannot be processed therefore delaying payment.

The Vendor’s invoice to CTE must match with all details of the purchase order unless the vendor has given CTE prior notification of any discrepancy between purchase order and the shipment of the product. Full terms & conditions can be found here.


All invoices must have a valid Purchase Order number to be paid. Invoices should be sent to CTE Accounts Payable and by copy to your local contact.

Carolina CAT
Pinnacle Cranes



CTE Accounts Payable
PO Box 1095
Charlotte, NC 28201

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase and acknowledge and agree that the Terms and Conditions of Purchase are expressly incorporated in each purchase order submitted to Vendor.

Accept Terms

*Terms and Conditions of Purchase: Last Updated on 01/05/2018.